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#1. Why Do We Need Blankets at Night? 

Being exceptionally soft, warm, and snug; blankets:

  • Help us deal with lower core body temperatures at night
  • Increase the serotonin and melatonin levels in our brain, allowing us to unwind and fall asleep
  • Provide an extra layer of support, thus restricting excess movement (even for the most restless sleepers) 

#2. How Should I Wash My Blankets? 

Most blankets, weighing 20 pounds or less, should be disinfected keeping the following steps in mind:

  • Machine Wash (Luke Warm) 
  • Remove Promptly 
  • Wash Dark Colours Separately 
  • Do Not Bleach 
  • Do Not Tumble 
  • Dry In Shade 
  • Do Not Iron

Although, the best option is to follow the wash care instructions of the product as given on the label of the blanket.

#3. Which Material Is Best for Blankets? 

Top-quality blankets are crafted from Polar Fleece, a material similar to wool. Being extremely lightweight; this snug fabric wicks moisture away from your body, ensuring all-around warmth and protection on a chilly night. 

#4. What Are Standard Blanket Sizes? 

Blankets from Stellar Home are available in two standard sizes:

Stellar Home Blanket Type Dimensions (In Centimeters
Single Size 150 x 220 cms
Double Size 220 X 240 cms

A blanket has only one layer of material, while a comforter consists of two outer layers, which effectively hide and store the third layer of insulating material between them. 

#6. Which Online Site Is Best for Buying Blankets?

Stellar Home. 

Explore a wide range of polar fleece blankets at Stellar Home. Ensuring swift, smooth deliveries; our online site is sure to become your one-stop shop for everything bedding.