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Iris Bedsheet Double Size

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#1 - What Should I Look For When Buying Bedsheets Online?

While searching for bedsheets online, there are several factors one must be aware of. We’ve listed a few important details below:

  • A soft, breathable fabric is a good measure of quality.

  • the product description section is a must as it gives you information about the bedsheet fabric and cotton content. 

  • Bedsheets come in a variety of sizes. Single bedsheets are usually 152 x 224 cm. On the other hand, super king-size bedsheets are larger; usually 274 x 274 cm. 

  • The colour and design of bedsheets certainly play a significant role in determining the aura of your bedroom. 


#2 - Is Thread Count An Essential Factor To Consider While Buying Bedsheets?

A high thread count is often associated with high-quality fabric because it’s thought to make the sheets softer and more durable, but the truth is other factors like the fibre quality and weave are just as important. 

#3 - What Is The Standard Size For Bedsheets?

A complete bedsheet size guide for Stellar Homes is given below:

Sheet Size



Single Size Bedsheet

60 x 88 in

152 x 224 cms

Double/Queen Size Bedsheet

86 x 94 in

Ranges from 220 X 240 cms - 224 X 254 cms

King Size Bedsheet

88 x 108 in

224 X 274 cms

Super King Size Bedsheet

108 x 108 in

274 X 274 cms

#4 - How Do I Measure My Bedsheets?

Beds are made in standard sizes, such as twin, full, queen and king sizes. We recommend that you find a bed size that is at least four inches (10cm) longer than the tallest person who will sleep in it:

  • Strip the bed of all bedding. Place one end of a measuring tape at the left side of the bed. Pull the tape out until it reaches the right edge of the bed. Write down this width measurement.

  • Set the end of the tape at the middle top of the bed. Extend the tape till you get to the middle bottom of the bed. Write down this length measurement.

  • After measuring the length, width and depth of your bed, compare it to the manufacturer's measurements. 

Ensure the sheet fit is nice and snug at the corners of your mattress with the help of these measurements. 


#5 - What Is The Difference Between Fitted and Flat Bedsheets?

Bed sheets come in two main varieties: flat and fitted. A flat sheet is simply a rectangular sheet of cloth, while a fitted sheet has its four corners, and sometimes two or four sides, fitted with elastic, to be used only as a bottom sheet. Fitted sheets may also be secured using a drawstring instead of elastic.

#6 - What Is the Best Way to Bedding?

The ideal way to any bedding is neatly folded on a shelf in a closet. This provides as much airflow as possible to allow your bed linen to breathe, which helps ward off mould, mildew and unpleasant, musty smells.

Additional Bedsheet FAQs

Q7. How do I select the most pocket-friendly bedsheet sets?

Selecting bedsheets can seem like a daunting task, but the two main factors to keep in mind include:

  • Affordability &

  • Comfort

Cotton bedsheets are not only budget-friendly and cosy, but they are also available in an array of striking patterns and prints, best suited to customers with varying preferences.



Q8. How often should I wash my bedsheets?

According to experts, you should wash your bedsheets, and other bedding, at least once every two weeks. If you have night sweats or sweat a lot in general, bump washing up to once a week. This is because your sheets can accumulate a lot of stuff you can't see: thousands of dead skin cells, dust mites, and even fecal matter. 


Q9. What are the benefits of using low maintenance, cotton bedsheets?

Cotton and it’s blended bed linen don’t require hand washing or drying or long hours of ironing. Most bedsheets can easily be washed in a machine. There is no need to use fancy detergents; you can simply pop the bed linens into a tumble dryer, take them out when they are slightly damp and then dry flat. This reduces the need for ironing.