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Diwali FAQs

Q1. What are the best Diwali gifts for friends and family? / What are unique gift ideas for Diwali?

This year, Diwali will be celebrated in India on 14th November, so why not spoil your friends and family with some unique, thoughtful gifts? Whether you’re looking for something special for your young cousin or a couple who just moved into a new home, we, at Stellar Homes, have just the selection of bedsheets and comforters for you. Visit our website to find the perfect gift!


Q2. What should I gift my close friends on Diwali?

With Stellar Homes, giving your close friends and loved ones, the perfect Diwali gift has never been easier. Choose from a range of:

  • Bedsheets

  • Comforters

  • Bath Towels

  • Hand Towels

  • Bath Maths

  • Blankets


Q3. Which is the best online website to buy Diwali gifts? / Where can I order the best Diwali gifts online in India?

Shop for the best gifts online on Stellar Homes’ website and add joy to this special occasion. Search for a range of bedsheets, comforters, towel sets and blankets at every price point. 

Worried about delivering these gifts to your loved ones? Stellar Homes is here to help! Ensuring smooth deliveries; our online site is sure to brighten up this festive season with a wide array of unique gifts to choose from!


Q4. What are last minute Diwali gift items I can buy?

Stellar Homes has a range of bedsheets, comforters and other accessories for every occasion and loved one, at an array of price points.

Gift Type

Stellar Homes Collection

Gift By Life Stage

Bath Towel

Crystal Plus Collection

Diwali Gift For Women


Iris Collection

Diwali Gift For Newlyweds


Blockbuster Collection

Diwali Gift For Elders

Bath Mats

Stockholm Collection 

Diwali Gift For Employees


Q5. Where will I get the best offers online for Diwali gifts?

Looking for distinct, quirky gift sets that won’t burn a hole in your pocket this festive season? Stellar Homes has just the deals for you. Browse through an array for bed sheets, comforters, blankets and more and avail up to 50% off on select items. 


Q6. What are the best corporate gift ideas for employees in 2020?

Some reasonable corporate gift ideas for Diwali include:

  • Bedsheets

  • Comforters

  • Bath Towels

  • Hand Towels

  • Bath Maths

  • Blankets


Shop for entire sets on and avail special offers and discounts!


Q7. What are some gifting options that do not burn a hole in your pocket this festive season?


Gift Type

Stellar Homes Collection

Price Range

Unique Bedsheets

May Flower Collection

Rs. 899


Enya Collection

Rs. 999 - Rs. 2,099


Crystal Collection

Rs. 299 - Rs. 649


Blockbuster Collection

Rs. 799 - Rs. 999